Bel Air Luxury Rentals:
Experience Prestige in LA

Bel Air, nestled within the hills of Los Angeles, epitomizes exclusivity and old Hollywood charm. Renowned for its luxurious estates and high-profile residents, it boasts a storied history intertwined with wealth and glamor.

From meticulously landscaped grounds to grand mansions and gated properties, every corner exudes opulence. Once favored by Hollywood celebrities, Bel Air remains a symbol of refined living, offering panoramic views and unparalleled privacy. Explore the epitome of prestige in this prestigious neighborhood.

Elevate your experience with our luxury home rentals in Bel Air, complemented by top-tier concierge services for an unforgettable stay in this esteemed locale. Immerse yourself in refinement and luxury, where every detail exceeds expectations, creating lasting memories in Los Angeles.

Allen Estate

Starting at $ 2500 per night

Carolwood Estate

Starting at $ 10000 per night

The Gage Estate

Starting at $ 7500 per night

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